The Smart House in Downtown Toronto

The Smart House in Downtown Toronto

Not since we heard about Bill Gates smart house in the US, which would switch on the lights and turn them off as he walked in and out of them, that we have been so excited by a new smart home like the multi-resident complex under construction in Toronto at present. Completion is expected around March 2017.

Smart House is a complex that will have 241 units spread across its 25 storeys, with some of the condos boasting an amazing 289 square feet. Smart House is under development from Urban Capital and Malibu Investments. The interior designs are being performed by II by IV and the main architect is architectsAlliance but what will really interest you about this registration phase complex is that it will be like taking a glimpse into the future and providing those fortunate enough to be able to afford the $250,000 guide price to buy with smart living, whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom or with storage in the condo.

The kitchens at Smart House aren’t particularly big but when you are cooking in a smart environment, size does not really matter as much. Smart interior design and brilliant ideas on how to save space have been implemented into the kitchens at Smart House because there are extra deep counter spaces and retractable kitchen tops. Why have a counter top sticking out when you are not using it?

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Even inside the smart bathrooms every space is utilized and there is no waste area whatsoever and storage space is maxed out to the point where every precious little nook and cranny has been used. But it’s the technology inside that will really impress; each condo unit has been fitted with the fastest broadband possible and a custom made mobile phone and tablet app that will let you turn down the lights, change the temperature and humidity, open or close your blinds, turn on the alarm and listen to some music. All of which will be controlled from your smart phone or tablet via a specially-designed app.

Energy efficiency is also catered for in Smart House by conserving the energy of the windows, lights, ventilation and any appliances that are not in use. Smart House may be smaller but it’s certainly smarter and will also go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint. Smart House is located at 219 Queen Street West in Toronto and sales are expected from November 2013.

Smart House is under registration phase. Hurry up and register with find homes in Toronto agents: George Gan (647-272-6400) and Linda Sun (416-880-3691)

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