City of Vaughan

Vaughan (2011 population 288,301) is a city in York Region north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Vaughan was the fastest-growing municipality in Canada between 1996–2006, achieving a population growth rate of 80.2% according to Statistics Canada, having nearly doubled in population since 1991. Vaughan is located in Southern Ontario and is part of the Greater Toronto Area.

Vaughan is one of southern Ontario’s fastest growing cities. According to Statistics Canada, the population grew 37.3 percent in a mere four year period (more than 9.3% annually), and also has a younger age profile than the Canadian average as 22.3 percent is under the age of 14, while those over 65 constitute 8.15%, one of the lowest in Ontario resulting in an average age of 34.1.

Vaughan is reputably known as having some of the highest concentrations of southern Europeans (notably Italians), Eastern Europeans (chiefly Russians and Poles) and Jewish people in Ontario, while those who are of British and/or Irish origin form a smaller proportion than in many other southern Ontario cities.

Visible minorities make up 26.6% of the population. Vaughan has a small but growing Indian, Pakistani, Hispanic, Jamaican, Vietnamese and Chinese population.

Residents of Vaughan are fairly religious; the city has the lowest number of non-affiliates in Ontario. Some 67.42% of the population adheres to Christianity, mostly Catholicism (55.80%). Those who practice non-Christian religions adhere to, in order of size, Judaism (18.20%), Hinduism (2.47%), Islam (2.43%), and Buddhism (0.56%).

Arguably, the most popular attraction in Vaughn is Canada’s Wonderland. Located just off of Highway 400, Wonderland is entertainment theme park that has something for everyone. The numerous roller coasters are state of the art and you will find almost every type of roller coaster that a real roller coaster enthusiast would desire. It also has a recently created water park that has a number of high twisting and turning slides and a huge wave pool.

For the nature enthusiasts, the Boyd Conservation Area is a great place to spend a day of two. Located on Islington Avenue just north of Highway 7, this 237-acre conservatory provides a number of walking and hiking trails and a large population of wildlife. Another very large conservation area located in Vaughn is the Kortright Conservation Area that happens to be Canada’s largest conservation area with 18 kilometers of trails through mixed woods and open parkland.

Art lovers must visit the McMichael Canadian Art Collection that exhibits the very best of Canada’s famous landscape painters. In addition to viewing all kinds of great Canadian art, visitors can stroll the 100 acres of conservatory land and have dinner at the full-service restaurant.

Colossus movie theatre complex is one of Canada’s largest entertainment complexes with 18 screens and 5200 seats. The complex also has café, arcade, party rooms and a number of fast food restaurants. Also located in the Highway 7 and Highway 400 area is the Seven/400 Power Centre that offers some great warehouse style shopping.